Encompassing design of rapidly maturing whisky, pot-still distillation, oak cask maturation, bottling & labelling.


We offer contract manufacturing services to help new or emerging whisky businesses and craft brewers enter, and cost-effectively grow within, the rapidly evolving spirits industry. Before you acquire and/or commission your own distilling equipment, we offer contact manufacturing encompassing design of rapidly maturing whisky in just 2-3 years versus the usual 8-10 years, production of your first high quality batches of whisky at our world class production facility using Forsyth’s pot stills, on-site maturation, bottling and labelling.

Forsyth’s stills are used by most of the world’s greatest whisky makers including Macallan, Glenlivet, Glenfiddich, Jamesons, Kavalan and by us here at the Victoria Caledonian Distillery. Our 1 tonne mash tun / 5,000L wash still capacity can provide you with up to 290,000 LPA per annum (670,000 bottles of whisky per annum).

You can have your own premium quality single malt, Irish-style pot still, rye or corn whiskies ready for market as your own stills are being ordered or while you establish a market presence in anticipation of raising the necessary capital to finance your own distillery. This will allow you to immediately begin generating critical revenue and start opening marketing and distribution channels, and/or commence tours & tastings of your own distillery in advance of your own-distilled mature whisky release.

Caledonian Pot Stills

Working with the Victoria Caledonian Distillery will give you access to our world leading expertise. Our ex-DIAGEO Master Distiller Mike Nicolson has worked in over 17 distilleries during his career and produces an unrivaled consistently high quality spirit. We also proudly continue the legacy of the legendary maturation expert Dr. Jim Swan, responsible for award winning whiskies such as the Kavalan Vinho Barrique, which at only four years old won the World Whisky Awards 2015 World’s Best Single Malt Whisky. Finally, our CEO and founder Graeme Macaloney has over a decade worth of experience in contact fermentation manufacturing for clients spanning North America, Europe and Australasia. This expertise allows us to produce exceptional whiskies while vastly reducing your time to market and substantially reducing the associated working capital financing necessary to hold maturing whisky for many years.

For more information, please contact Graeme Macaloney PhD.,PEng.,FIChemE.

graeme@macaloneydistillers.com • (+1) 250-634-2276 (PST).