From the finest Canadian ingredients and with a true dream team artisanal teasing, trickle distilling the whisky which slumbers in a master class of maturation

Barley, Peat & Maltings

Canada makes some of the world’s best barley and we have chosen to work with the Gambrinus Farmers Consortium in The Peace Country of B.C., the barley is transported to the distillery where we germinate and transform the starch in the barley into soluble maltose sugars. This process, which is called malting, is traditionally done on a Maltings Floor and only 7 Scottish Distilleries retain the ancient ways. Victoria Caledonian is one of the world’s few distilleries that continues the practice of traditional floor malting, this allows us to select from B.C.’s many peat beds to produce both un-peated and peated malt barley on site.


Wash, Beer & Draff

Whisky is essentially distilled beer. Victoria Caledonian has installed the finest brew house equipment from P.E.I. & Vancouver Island, and has Production Chief/ Brew Master Dean McLeod and Brew Master Matt Lions at the helm to brew the finest whisky wash and craft beers. In an effort to keep the world a greener place, rather than discard the spent barley, Dean has chosen to give the draff to a local farmer to feed his sheep & cattle.


Our whiskies are distilled in copper pot stills from world leader coppersmith & still makers, Forsyth Ltd of Rothes, Scotland and built to 4.8 meters tall with a specially desired long head and swan neck that allow the spirit vapours to drift gently upward for a long time, increasing the copper conversation time and leading to a soft, elegant, fruity whisky with very clean flavours.



Master Distiller Mike Nicolson’s family has tended the stills of Scotland’s distilleries for almost 100 years. The magic and arts of the still house shaping his young life and drew him in to continue the tradition himself with 36 years spent crafting Scotch whisky with Diageo, the world’s leading Scotch whisky company, creating memories and lifelong friends in 18 of the most sought after Scottish distilleries. We could not have found a more talented or experienced Master Distiller to work with!





Scotland’s leading whisky maturation expert has spent decades honing the science woven into the myths and art of whisky making, and cultivating relationships with the very best cooperages.  Dr. Swan has completed a PhD in wood maturation and has won many individual awards, including the prestigious “Malt Advocate Innovator of the Year.”

His unique processes have seen client whiskies collect accolades as the “World’s Best Single Malt Whisky”, World Whisky Awards, the only spirit ever to score a perfect 100 at the Beverage Testing Institute, and gain a 97-point rating in Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible; and yet these whiskies were just 3, 4 or 5 years old.

Through Dr. Swan you not only have access to the best oak, but have the world’s best Cask Master to oversee the gentle slumber of your whisky that will be ready to take home as a 30L cask, or in custom labeled bottles, in just 3 to 4 years.