Mistress of my Soul Saison

6% 32 IBU

In days long past, the bard of Auld Lang Syne fell into ‘correspondence’ with the muse of ‘Ae Fond Kiss’ for she was a lady of unusual learning. The equivalent of today’s sexting, the letters & verses written to Clarinda were steamy and full of yearning. Yearn not for the unobtainable, dear beer lover, for Mistress of my Soul Saison is here to please.

Mistress is special. This steamy European Lady is spicy, fruity and dry only after you’re finished. BC and German grown malts are fermented with a unique blend of yeasts; The Mistress is then late hopped with New Zealand Motueka to ensure She is never bitter and never upset. The stone fruit and citrus of the hops weave together with her bubbly carbonation to bring out her sultry natural energy.

Excerpt from VERSES TO CLARINDA by Robert Burns

“And fill them up with generous juice,

As generous as your mind;

And pledge them to the generous toast,

“The whole of human kind!”