The Keekin’- Glass Pilsner

5%    25 IBU


The ‘mirror’ pilsner is unfiltered for the fullest body & flavour, so don’t expect this bold and candid pilsner to reflect the summer sun’s rays; instead The Keekin’-Glass is something different– depth, character and the refreshing liveliness of flavour and truth.

The mirror takes a long, long time to make, to polish to perfection. Even with the finest Pacifica and Motueka hops, with the best malts and keenest brewers eye, the spectre of conformity can creep past; but Not Here. The Keekin Glass is the mirror that keeps the Brew Master honest. No Bones. No Gimmicks. Here is the craft. Look deep, for here is the Keekin Glass.

Excerpt from THE KEEKIN’ GLASS by Robert Burns

“How daur ye ca’ me howlet-face,

Ye blear-e ‘ed, withered spectre?

Ye only spied the keekin’-glass,

An’ there ye saw your picture.