Jolly Beggar’s Pale Ale

4.7% 20 IBU


The Jolly Beggar’s cantata; originally known as ‘Love & Liberty’, was written by Robert Burns after “witnessing much jollity” in a party of ragged pub dwellers. With the Jolly Beggar’s Pale Ale, we invite you to ’Mark our jovial ragged ring! Round and round take up the chorus, and in raptures let us sing!’

This Jolly fella is from BC, but tells a story of crystal malt and mischief had with a hoppy young German girl called Hallertau Blanc. It ain’t hard to love the malty, world travelling, lemon grass and tropical flavours in this jovial Jolly Beggar. Come dance with us, come sing along, splash beer upon the table. The Jolly Beggar wants you to revel in the raptures.


Excerpt from THE JOLLY BEGGAR’S by Robert Burns

“Wi’ quaffing an’ laughing,

They ranted an’ they sang,

Wi’ jumping an’ thumping,

The vera girdle rang”