Drouthy Neibor IPA

7% ABV • 60 IBU

Brewed with only BC grown barley malt, Thirsty Neibor encourages you to be part of the community. We use a magic blend of 4 hop varieties crafting a boisterous tale of citrus, tropical & stone fruit flavours. Do the right thing and be a good neighbour.

Inspiration for ‘The Thirsty Neighbour’ IPA came from Robert Burns’ poem Tam O’ Shanter, a tale of mischief & magic, witches & warlocks, a short skirt and a horse that lost its tail. A beer so named to encourage you to ‘catch the moments’ and share your greatest tales with your own Drouthy Neibors.

Excerpt from TAM O’ SHANTER by Robert Burns
“But pleasures are like poppies spread,
You seize the flow’r, its bloom is shed;
Or like the snow falls in the river,
A moment white- then melts forever;