The Victoria Caledonian Cask Offer is a unique opportunity to explore your dream of personally designing and owning your own cask of whisky, and our shared dream of creating a delicious malt whisky from natural ingredients without additives or chill filtration.


The Victoria Caledonian spirit and passion is offered to you now in our 30L Cask Owners program. Only a small handful of world class single malt distilleries offer cask release purchases, and this offer is often only for a limited time during the first year or two of production. Our offer is unique, for we are the only distillery that lets you get hands-on to design your own custom single malt or pot still whisky from 5 different new make options and 10 different cask options. This rare opportunity to create such high quality custom whisky is crafted and presented by our very own Scottish Master Distiller Mike Nicolson and Scottish Cask Master, Dr. Jim Swan.

Being a whisky specialist, quality is of the utmost importance to us, so we won’t mature your whisky in a 30L cask—it would over-wood the whisky. Rather, the whisky will be matured on the island in barrel, hogshead or barrique. After design of your ideal cask and maturation is complete in just 3- 4 years, we will either directly bottle or re-cooper 30L casks made from old Scotch whisky oak that won’t over-wood your whisky.


This is a legendary experience—carrying your own personal 30L cask out of the distillery on your shoulder and pouring a dram or more in your own bar.

At Victoria Caledonian, Cask Ownership is an interactive experience from start to finish. As the new make matures you are invited to the distillery to sample and tour the inner workings with friends & family, and with multi-cask purchases we invite you to earn your Cask Owner jacket or entry into our exclusive brewing & distilling ‘Caley Academy’. In the last days of your cask’s time with us you can also help design a label and then bottle your whisky.